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Meranda Wright
Fairbanks, AK

I recently upgraded to the BAHA 5 SuperPower and noticed an immediate improvement in hearing. The ability to hear provides me the confidence to interact in social gatherings and most importantly to be a productive member at board meetings. The Bluetooth connection with my iPhone and mini-mic are wonderful additions to my hearing/sound processor.

Oliver Backlund
Fairbanks, AK

Fairbanks Hearing & Balance has taken care of my hearing needs for many years. I have a very good relationship with their office, and they take excellent care of my hearing needs. I spend many years in heavy construction and really needed the hearing aids that you provided.

Kim Stathfield
Fairbanks, AK

Working with the folks at Fairbanks Hearing & Balance was a great experience.
My audiologist was a real help to both my father and I. He hears so much better, we’re wishing we had come in sooner!
We would definitely recommend them.

(907) 456-7768